Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tiny Terrors From the Deep: Lobsterman

WHAT: Lobsterman is an independently produced rubber mini figure that originated as part of a set of three figures called "Tiny Terrors from the Deep." This impressive, sharply-detailed little critter was sculpted by Zectron, while the two other figures in the set were done by Tru:Tek and BigmanToys. The set was inspired by the '90s X-COM video game "Terror From the Deep," and really captures the feel of a classic video game monster. I really love the attention to detail on this one, from his highly-textured shell or his looped antenna. It's the kind of figure I wouldn't mind owning a whole army of!

So far, Lobsterman has been produced and offered in variety of colors such as pink, green, blue/orange, black, purple and magenta.

WHEN: Lobsterman first became available along with the other Tiny Terrors From the Deep in early 2013, and has continued to be available in different colors throughout the year.

WHERE: Lobsterman has been available at certain conventions as well as online through Tru:Tek's Man-E-Toys store. At the time of this post, the figure is available to order in a few different colors via the store.

WHO: The figure was sculpted by Zectron and has been produced and sold in different colors through a collaboration with Tru:Tek.


  1. This just makes me want a Lobsterman more. Thank god he is available all month!

    1. You won't regret grabbing one. Such a cool figure.