Sunday, January 6, 2019

Wee Beasties capsule toys

There's been some decent capsule machine toys showing up recently, including these little buggers -- Wee Beasties! Google "Wee Beasties" and you'll find a Texas-based punk rock band, but further down in the search results (much further), you'll find this mini figure set that I believe first showed up sometime in 2018.

The Beasties are billed as "cute" on their vending display card. I'm usually not a big fan of cutesy depictions of monsters, but these feature sculpts that are still pretty interesting and appealing despite their cuteness. They're worth picking up if you see them out and about, or if you choose to order them in bulk online through companies such as Geddes (which sells bags of 100 figures) or A&A Global Industries (which sells bags of 250 figures).

Below are some basics about the Wee Beasties as well as a few additional photos.
  • The set consists of 10 different sculpts that each come in 6 different colors.
  • The available colors are red, lime green, aqua, blue, indigo and purple.
  • The figures are about 1" tall.
  • They are made of a sturdy plastic that's firm but has a tiny bit of give to it (think MUSCLE).
  • They are monochromatic except for white and black painted eyes on each.
Here's shot showing each of the 6 colors:

And here's a size comparison shot with Monster in My Pocket and Cosmix figures:

And finally, to wrap up the post, another group shot of the 10 different sculpts:

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