Sunday, January 20, 2019

Micro Mutants capsule toys

Micro Mutants is another excellent capsule machine toy offering that appeared recently. I had to track some down as soon as I laid eyes on them.

Unlike most modern-day monster toys, what's great about these is that the designs aren't cutesy or overly stylized. They are genuinely creepy, bizarre mutants.

I'm pretty sure these first appeared sometime in 2018. They can currently be ordered in bulk online through vending suppliers such as (which offers bags of 100 and bags of 250), where the description for the set reads: "Look what just crawled out of your nightmares! With their menacing eyes and sharp teeth, these creepy creatures will leave an impression on customers of all ages...Be sure to get your hands on these micro mutants before they get their hands on you!"

See below for the lowdown on Micro Mutants, plus some more images.
  • The set consists of 8 different sculpts that each come in 6 different colors.
  • The available colors are black, purple, green, red, blue and glow in the dark translucent white. The glow white is called out specifically on the vending display card as a "Glowing Mutant," but it didn't seem any less common than the other colors in the bag of 100 I ordered.
  • The figures are about 1" tall.
  • They are made of a firm-but-flexible soft plastic / hard rubber
  • Each figure has minor painted details, mainly mouths and eyes.
Here's a close-up shot of all 8 sculpts:


Here's shot showing on of my favorite sculpts in each of the 6 colors:


And here's a size comparison shot with a MUSCLE figure:

I think the Micro Mutants are great figures with interesting sculpts, especially for being so tiny. What about you? Have you come across these little weirdos, or do you plan to track any down?


  1. Hello, where did you buy all those monsters? Cuz I been trying to get those Ultraman man minis from mexico,when I was a kid my mom give a transparent plastic bag full of those monsters back in that days cost for a bag of those was 50 pesos, bro when you show those monsters man I remember my mom bro thanks a lot.