Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mono Minis of the Day: 8/27/13 to 9/11/13

Here are the latest batches of Mono Minis of the Day--as posted daily on the Little Weirdos Instagram, Twitter and Flickr.

The lineup in the photo is as follows, from left to right, top to bottom:

1. A dinosaur from Dino Brites
2. MUSCLE/Kinnikuman clear bootleg
3. Siren from Neclos Fortress
4. A djinn/genie from Dragons 'n Monsters
5. Ukon from MUSCLE
6. Skeleton pirate from unidentified Argentinian line
7. Picky Mickey from Garbage Pail Kids Cheap Toys (reproduction)
8. Creature from Argentinian Cromy Club Monster in My Pocket
9. Mini Madballs knockoff pencil topper
10. Leviathan from Monster in My Pocket
11. Chief Mogg from Mini Boglins
12. A creature from Warriors of the Galaxy
13. Blemmyae Warrior from Universe of Violence
14. Kinnikuman Light Bulb Man bootleg
15. A creature from Dragons 'n Monsters
16. Personalman from MUSCLE


  1. That black monster is awesome. How much did he run you??

    1. He's one of the Cromy Club original Monster in My Pocket sculpts from Argentina. I got him as part of a large lot so he ran me a couple bucks. They probably go for a bit more than that typically.

  2. Really dig how you do Mono-Minis of the day. I love looking thru them and trying to figure out what they are & from which line without having to peek at your answers! Always look forward to these. :)

    1. Thanks man! I am glad you enjoy it. I'll keep posting them for sure.