Tuesday, July 30, 2013

HORDE of Weirdos contest winners!

Thanks to all who entered the "HORDE of Weirdos" contest, the first ever contest on this blog. Expect to see more of its kind here in the future, because contests are fun. But for now, let's get to the winners:

First place prize winner (HORDE set): Adam Goode

Second place prize winner (assorted Ironhaus mini monsters): Bigazzhead 

Third place prize winner (Universe of Violence Cedargief): Matthew kaiser

All entries were assigned a number and then I used a randomizer to select the winning numbers. You guys were the lucky ones. Please send your mailing addresses to littleweirdosblog@gmail.com and I will get your prizes out to you.

Another big thanks to Jimmy/Ironhaus Productions for supplying the amazing prizes. Be sure to keep yours eyes on the Ironhaus store and blog to stay on top of all the top-notch stuff Jimmy keeps coming up with.

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