Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Micro alien figures group shot: Funny Fringes and more!

I recently got a lot of really cool little space creature toys so I thought it'd be cool to get a photo of a bunch of them together. These are all plastic and really small, like 1.25" and under. Here's a breakdown of the different types of figures pictured above:

  • The orange, red and blue figures are Funny Fringes R&L cereal premiums.
  • The yellow guy in the middle is a Martian Fink vending machine figure.
  • The two white figures are Raja premiums. The same characters were also used among those released as Screaming Yellow Zonkers space creatures premium figures.
  • The purple and brown ones are Giant brand aliens. I'm not too clear on how and when they were sold.
  • The silver ones on each end are extra mini versions of alien/robot characters that have been released in many different forms over the years.
  • The other shiny guy (second from left) is an unidentified vending machine alien.
I've got a bunch more Funny Fringes that are really cool and worthy of a post, but I think I'll hold out on taking a pic of them because I only need one more to complete a set of 15 ("Turninge"--anyone got one to part with?).


  1. As a child I had a huge number of the "Giant brand" aliens. For years I thought I had misremembered them as could never find them. This was early 70s. They could have come from a cousin as hand me downs and been even made earlier.

    1. Too bad you didn't hang onto them! They seem to be in pretty high demand today.