Thursday, August 16, 2012

Custom Critter keshi

Green Critter keshi with other mean green minifigure friends
This cool illustrated pamphlet came packaged with the Critter
Critter has been trying to eat some of the less badass toys around here. Run dog, run!

What: Remember those Critters movies from the '80s? Wouldn't it be cool if there were a mini figure of one of those bloodthirsty, spike-shooting, rolling little buggers from those movies? Well, thanks to a toy collector and creator who goes by the name Zectron (at least on his blog), there now is! Technically it's not one of the Critters themselves, but Zectron's custom creation is heavily-influenced by the monsters from the films, as you can see in the photos above. And oh yeah, it is freaking awesome! Just look at the details and overall badass aesthetic of the figure in the photos above. What makes it even more impressive is the fact that this is Zectron's first attempt at a custom sculpted figure. He solicited the casting skill of fellow toy lover/maker Eric Nilla (one of the guys behind the also excellent Gorewad Monsters) to produce these guys in a really nice, bouncy hard rubber, and voila, a truly impressive toy creation was born.

So far the Critter-inspired keshi have been produced in a handful of colors, including flesh/pink, black, red and the vibrant shade of green that I own.

Based on this piece I will definitely be looking forward to whatever Zectron comes up with next.

When: The first batch of Critters went on sale earlier this summer.

Where: So far Zectron has been selling these to interested people through his blog and through the forum, and Eric Nilla is also offering an exclusive red one through his store.

Who: Sculpted by Zectron, cast by Eric Nilla.

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