Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SOMA ninjas & wrestlers


What: These stubby little dudes seemed to pop up everywhere back in the '80s/early-'90s heyday of little rubber guys. They're made of hard rubber and have painted details. They look a bit cheap, like something you'd get at the dollar store (and maybe you could, I can't remember), but that's part of their charm. I'm sure there are additional sculpts/variations beyond the ones I have.

When: The figures are marked 1986.

Where: U.S. (at least). I can't remember where I actually got these as a kid, but I'm guessing they were available at toy stores as well as variety stores and the like

Who: Produced by SOMA. I'm not sure if they're still around, but a search brought up this company. Possibly the same?


  1. Hi, I have come across what looks like the same figures with soma stamped on the bottom right foot but with no date. They are also all dressed like sports figures.
    1 baseball player
    1 ping pong player
    1 golf player
    1 basketball player

    I have looked for hours online trying to find out about them and cant find a single one if you could help or know anything about them I would be so greatfull. my email is

    thank you

    1. Hey there--I know Soma made a variety of little figures like this, so I'd imagine they are just from some set they made that was sports-themed. Sorry I don't have any additional details to offer.

  2. I Just Came A Cross Some Soma Army Men From 1987 At A Garsale By My House In Spokane .Wash For $.50 For 7 Of Them Good Fine.

  3. i had all these figures when i was a kid. i still have a few mini weird ball toys

  4. ive got street fighter bootlegs by soma that look exactly like these. mine were called city warrior. found someone selling the set of 12 fighters fot 60 pounds on ebay. if only i didn't lose all but the fake ken and dictator

  5. Back in the 80s a kid in my neighborhood had these a brought them out to play with..i loved these..long story short..they came home with me..

  6. I would like to buy the Soma Ninjas. How can I do it ??