Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dino Mites / Dino Brites

Dino Mites
Dino Brites
Mite & Brite pterodactyl hatchlings
Dino Brites full set of 48
Dino Brites 30-pack
Back of Dino Brites 30-pack with pics of all dinos

What: Collectible hard plastic dinosaurs. Dino Mites were produced first, featuring solid colors with minimal glow-in-the-dark painted details. Dino Brites followed, using the same sculpts in solid neon colors.

1987 (Dino Mites), 1991 (Dino Brites)

Where: U.S., sold at toy stores, department stores

Who: Panosh Place (Dino Mites), Happiness Express Inc. (Dino Brites)

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