Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tehnolog Zveronics: Animal soldier minis from Russia!

These cool little animal soliders recently appeared from Tehnolog, a Russian toy company that produces a range of toy soldier-type plastic mini figures. They are known as "Zveronics." I don't know what that translates to, and it's kinda weird to even type, but there you have it.

As far as I know, there are 8 different sculpts making up a set of Zveronics, each depicting a different animal. Each sculpt is available in a variety of colors, including yellow, blue, red, purple, green, and magenta.

The figures are quite small, with most of them measuring a little under an inch and a half. They are made of a hard plastic that seems like it would be pretty durable.

I believe Tehnolog figures are only sold in Russia, but there have been several sets up for sale on eBay from overseas for a reasonable cost (that's how I got mine). Being that information in English is pretty much nonexistent, that's about all I have to say about these guys, other than they're really fun little weirdos. There's a Zveronics website, but I can't really make heads or tails out of it, other than there appears to be some sort of board game that's meant to be played with the figures.

Below you can get a closer look at each of these little dudes.

Does anyone know more about them? Who else has picked some up?










  1. Those are awesome! Very Kamandi-meets-40k. I'd love to find out more about these. (It looks like Google actually translates the wargame rules pretty well...!)

  2. 'Zver' translates to 'animal' or 'beast'
    And yes, Tehnolog's sculpts are superb indeed !
    Seems these figures are a part of some table game system; on their website there is a subpagge where you can download, print, clip out, then fold & glue together some parts, kind of boards, get the instructions and start playing at home.

    1. Thanks, makes more sense now!
      I also noticed on the site they show painted figures--I wonder if they sell both painted and mono varieties.

  3. Battle Beasts if they were mono-colored mini figures.