Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mono Minis of the Day: 7/1/15 to 7/16/15

Here are the latest batches of Mono Minis of the Day--as posted daily on the Little Weirdos Instagram, Twitter and Flickr. The lineup in the photo is as follows, from left to right, top to bottom:

1. #193 from MUSCLE  
2. Runt Zurb from Earthworm Jim (action figure accessory)
3. ET bootleg mini figure from Mexico
4. Extra Crispy from SLUG Zombies
5. Mechander Robot vending bootleg
6. Monster from Monstruos de Matutano
7. Knight from Neclos Fortress
8. Stretch Ghost from The Real Ghostbusters
9. Triceratops from Russ Dinosaurs set
10. Scarabus from Cosmix (MUSCLE knock off)
11. Baba Yaga from Oritet Russian Fairy Tale creatures set
12. Blemmyea from Monster in My Pocket
13. Cyclops from Big Bucket of Monsters
14. He-Man from Masters of the Universe keshi (repro by Eric Nilla)
15. Zoids vending machine bootleg
16. Bombos Fire Power from Gormiti Micros

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