Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mono Minis of the Day: 4/11/15 to 4/26/15

Here are the latest batches of Mono Minis of the Day--as posted daily on the Little Weirdos Instagram, Twitter and Flickr. The lineup in the photo is as follows, from left to right, top to bottom:

1. #132 from MUSCLE
2. Kamen Rider mini figure
3. Dragon from Dragons N Monsters
4. Fachen from Monster in My Pocket
5. Gundam bootleg pencil topper
6. Hulk from Handful of Heroes
7. 1991 series kinkeshi figure
8. Chouchon from Neclos Fortress
9. Translucent warrior bootleg figure
10. Dr. Outbreak from SLUG Zombies 
11. Galloping Ghoul from The Real Ghostbusters
12. Monster from Carzillas
13. Dragon from dragon cereal premium/bootleg set 
14. Corroded Carl from Garbage Pail Kids Minikins
15. Insectman from Diener Space Creatures
16. Pterodactyl from dinosaur bucket playset


  1. Endless Variety. Epitome of Coolness! Thanks for the brain-jarring pix!

  2. Glad that people still seem to enjoy these!

  3. Do you know what company produced the dinosaur bucket playset?