Friday, July 4, 2014

Mono Minis of the Day: 6/11/14 to 6/26/14

Here are the latest batches of Mono Minis of the Day--as posted daily on the Little Weirdos Instagram, Twitter and Flickr.

The lineup in the photo is as follows, from left to right, top to bottom:

1. TenCan from OMFG
2. Darth Vader-esque guy from Galaxy Laser Team 
3. Ghost from Halloween monster keshi set 
4. Robot from Ro-Gun Robots
5. Daiyaman Kinnikuman vending bootleg
6. Giant from DFC Fantasy playset  
7. Spinge from Funny Fringes  
8. Witch from Monster in My Pocket  (Mexican Sonrics version)
9. Popeye Diener eraser  
10. Gundam vending/party favor bootleg
11. Warrior from True Legends Mythical Warriors playset   
12. CETI-3 space ship from Diener Space Raiders   
13. Gorgon from Neclos Fortress
14. Swamp Beast from Monster in My Pocket  
15. Double Heather from Garbage Pail Kids MiniKins  
16. Black Kungfu Kinnikuman vending bootleg   


  1. I have a couple of Popeyes exactly like that, except they aren't erasers, they are hard plastic. I've always wondered where they came from. I'm going to post them at my blog tonight. Is the one you have made of eraser-soft rubber?

    1. Yeah, mine are eraser material, similar to the rubber versions of the Diener Space Creatures. I used to get these as carnival prizes back in the early '90s or so. I didn't know they also existed in hard plastic. Interesting!