Wednesday, January 8, 2014


If you're into the kinds of toys covered here, chances are at some point you've seen jiggly rubbery creatures like the ones shown in this post, even if you didn't know what they were called. I had all of mine ever since I was a kid, and until a couple years ago was not aware they were known under a specific name--Slurfies!

According to collector and Flickr user Astronit, the original Slurfies came out in the 1970s (click here to see a photo of them). Then, over the years, they were reproduced and bootleged into various shapes, sizes, colors and levels of quality. Some look like they had their paint apps applied by a blind monkey, but their goofiness and crapiness gives them a certain charm.

Here's a photo showing a few different varieties of Slurfies:

Slurfies are similar to Topps Rubber Uglies, but aren't based on sticker artwork like Uglies, and the designs are somewhat less bizarre and more "friendly"-looking.

If I remember correctly, most of my Slurfies came out of vending machines, although they very well could have come as arcade prizes, variety stores and other places. I don't think I have any of the original '70s versions, but the yellow one in the upper right of the above photo looks like a very close reproduction (I remember getting that one and a few others like it sometime in the '90s).

Below are a few more photos showing various types of these classic little weirdos.

Do you have any Slurfies, or do you remember ever coming across any?


A horde of Slurfies:

Glow in the dark Slurfies:

The same Slurfies in different colors:

Pull-back wheeled Slurfies sold as "Scary Scooters":


  1. I have a handful of these, and love them. If you want pics of the "Scary Scooters", I nabbed an unopened case of them(!) on eBay some time back and can shoot them...or perhaps a trade is in order?

    1. I'd love to see pics of the Scary Scooters you have and possibly do a trade. Feel free to send me an email at Thanks!

  2. They were never as widely available (or at all?) over here in the UK - the most wide-spread kind of cheap rubber monster here has always been (and still is!) those finger monsters with the crocodilian jaws and wobbly arms.

    I still like these a lot though, and got a case of them off eBay a few years ago. My case calls them "Wonderful Creatures" though, a bit less catchy than Slurfies!

    1. Yeah, those finger monsters were all over the place here and I still see them sometimes. I don't really see any Slurfies anymore, although for a period of time they seemed to pop up here a lot as vending toys, party favors, etc.

      I'd love to see a pic of your "Wonderful Creatures" case whenever you have a chance.

    2. Certainly, I'll get it sent to you via the usual methods :)

  3. I got these around 1983 in America and they came in a big clear plastic bag with a header card, I think, a whole bunch of them.