Saturday, December 28, 2013

'Dragons' vending machine figures

Anyone recognize these great, detailed dragon mini figures? I'm pretty sure I got them out of a vending machine years ago (probably early-to-mid 2000s), but I don't know what they were called or anything else about them.

The figures are about one inch tall each, are made of a firm yet flexible plastic, and are painted in different colors. Each dragon is sculpted as sitting on a rock and has clear purple wings that are attached as a separate piece (but aren't removable).

While I have the seven sculpts pictured in the group shot above, I'm not sure exactly how many made up a full set.

I've always thought these dragons were really cool and like all the details in the sculpts, from the various poses used to the transparent, textured wings, to the little skulls that some of the dragons are holding.

If anyone has any additional info on these, please let us know!

UPDATE: LW reader Mason of D.I. Treasures found a link to a vending supplier that has an image of the display card for these. Apparently the set was simply called "Dragons" and there were 10 different sculpts. Check out the image below.

And here are some closer shots of all seven dragons individually:


  1. Eureka, I found some info on your dragon friends! There are 10 in all to collect. I can't quite make out the manufatuer's logo, but I can see the series was simply called "Dragons". Here's the link I found:

    These are pretty sweet! They're a cheaper, mini version of the fantasy dragon sculptures that were so popular back in the 80s.

    1. Wow, nice find! Thanks! I am going to add that display card image to the post.

  2. These are an old line of vending toys from Brand Vending Products. A great little line of dragons. I am the Art Director for the design studio that created these vending toys for Brand Vending. (they were created long before I came on staff). There's a pic of all of them on our site.I know I was told that it was tricky to get the clear wings at the price point needed. Glad they did though, because it's a fun, more unique look.

    1. Very cool, James. Thanks for leaving a comment. I am glad they found a way to get the clear wings to work as well—definitely a nice touch.