Thursday, September 26, 2013

Micro Bastards: Big-Head & Frankenblem

If you follow the Ironhaus Productions blog, you might have noticed that a couple new figures in the Micro Bastards rubber mini figure line have reared their ghoulish heads over the past couple weeks. I covered the first wave of Micro Bastards a few months ago, and was happy to see Ironhaus Pro's Jimmy Rommel decided to continue the set with some new creations. This time, Jimmy decided to take a bit more monstrous direction with the Bastards, and I dig it. Let's take a closer look at the two new weirdos:

First up we have Big-Head, which is actually my favorite Micro Bastard to date. This guy's pretty much what his name says, which might not sound like the most exciting figure imaginable, but man, the sculpt is seriously cool. It's like an Easter Island head from hell. Or a steaming pile of trash possessed by a demon. Whatever it is, I'm down with it.

My Big-Head was done in "colorbomb" style, which means he was cast using multiple different colors of rubber. I really love the effect this gave the figure, accentuating this guy's big nose and one of his crazy eyes with clear red, his teeth and lip with off-white and some gunk on his backside with blue and orange-ish colors.

The second new Bastard is called Frankenblem, a character that first started life as a different sculpt in another Ironhaus line, Gorewad Monsters, and has since been resurrected in his entirely new Micro Bastards form. Franky is an ornery-looking Blemmyae-esque monster with outstretched arms and a spherical right hand. I like all of the attitude packed into this little dude. He's a lot of fun.

Frankenblem has also been offered in the same type of colorbomb style as Big-Head. My particular figure is a mix of mainly clear red, clear blue and off-white. I love how the circle of red on the sphere hand makes it look kind of like an eyeball.

At the time of writing this post, both Big-Head and Frankenblem are listed in the Ironhaus online store for $6 each. Big-Head is currently showing sold out, but I'd guess there will be more on the way.


  1. That colorbomb style is trippy! It makes these guys look like edible gummies!

    1. Haha, yeah. The clear rubber Murks (nasty Smurfs, also from Ironhaus) are some other ones that trick my brain into wanting to eat them.

  2. looks like a plastic factory vomited