Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Creepy Crawlers!

My hoard o' 1990s Creepy Crawlers

Recently, while going through old stuff, I found a large container filled with all of the Creepy Crawlers toys I made as a kid. I can still remember the huge deal it was getting the version of the oven made by ToyMax on my 10th birthday, and spending hours upon hours concocting different colors with the "Plasti-Goop" and creating little rubber creatures with it (I really did have friends as a child, I swear). I was always into collecting the kind of stuff this blog focuses on, so I loved being able to create these kinds of things myself. I'm glad I hoarded my Creepy Crawlers creations all these years, because some of them are pretty damn cool! I recently began photographing the various kinds on their own. I've got a long way to go until I get through all the different kinds included in that box pictured above, but let's take a look at a few different ones for now.

First up is a standard Creepy Crawlers creature--the scorpion! Judging by how many of these guys I've got, I think I made it my mission as a kid to create as many scorpions as possible. I think it was part of the basic starter creature mold, which I'm pretty sure came packed with the oven itself. Maybe not the most exciting Creepy Crawlers creature, but a classic.

These next guys are something not so typical as far as Creepy Crawlers go. They're larger "Create a Creature" monsters, from molds which I believe came out later on in the ToyMax run. The idea is that the molds included different parts of the monsters and you could mix and match. The problem was that you needed a special "Super Oven" to accommodate the molds, so I think I had to beg permission to make the two shown below in our household toaster oven (which is probably why I only made two of them).

I don't really know what the below things are supposed to be, or what the name of the mold set they came from was. I guess just some sort of monster bugs. I like them, though. The cool thing about Creepy Crawlers is that you could create all different kinds of creatures, from realistic ones to totally bizarre made up ones.

The final selections (at least for now), are creatures that came from a set of molds with a monster/Halloween theme. In addition to the bat, skeleton/tombstone and Frankenstein's monster shown below, there was a witch, mummy, spiderweb, vampire, weirdo living brain creature and maybe others. I remember using these molds probably the most out of any.


  1. Now THOSE are interesting! Never had one of those oven things before, but this is making me want one.

    Interestingly, here in the UK we used to be able to get jelly sweets in the same shape as those Hallowe'en creatures you're showing there.

  2. So cool! I wish I had kept all my Creepy Crawler creations, I loved making hundreds of those little guys.

    Yesterday I found a ToyMax Creepy Crawler Thing Maker at the DI for 3 bucks! It came with 4 molds including the creepies in the 4th picture you posted above. The one with claws is labled as an "ARACHYDITE" on the mold, and the other is an "ARACHYRANG".

    I'm so excited to buy some goop online and start making some Creepies again! I'll send you a few once I start making them. :)

  3. Here's the mold pack those guys came from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/astronit/5623701643/

  4. Yeah Those are awesome! I think they even came out with the creepy crawler oven again as a remake, but I think I heard it just wasn't the same. I used to have a lot of the molds as a kid, I have no idea where it went, I would LOVE to have the already made creepie's even..just for memory's sake. I was never good at making them as a kid, that's another reason why I would love to have it now so I could try again.

    1. My brother and I made so stinky many Creepies! I didn't have the foresight to keep them, and now I can make some new ones! Luckily there are plenty of sites that still sell the goop, even glow-in-the-dark colors and clear! I'd love to get my hands on some of the more rare molds too.

    2. The most recent remakes of the Creepy Crawler ovens are just terrible! They're now "safe for kids", aka lame! It doesn't heat up anymore and the resulting creepies are literal garbage! It's sad.

    3. I was wondering how the recent ovens compared to the old ones. That's too bad! How does it even work if the ovens don't heat up?

  5. would you be willing.........to sell some of your many...beautiful scorpions.... :'+)