Monday, March 4, 2013

O.M.F.G.: Series 2 metallic gold

After releasing the first series of O.M.F.G. in an exclusive metallic gold color, Luke's Toy Store decided to go at it again for the line's second set of five figures, which started to appear in various colors from various places late last year/early this year. Why mess with a good thing, right? As I wrote in my series one gold review, this color is pretty snazzy-looking and really helps to show off all of the details of the figures. For the photo above, I decided to take them out in the snow, and as you can see the color really popped in the icy-white surrounding.

For more on each of the series two characters (Cry-Borg, Grimm Gourd, Puke Knight, Cuddlehard, & Shirtle) check out this post, and if you want to snag a gold set of either series one or two O.M.F.G. you can still do so via Luke's at this link.

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