Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dinosaur in My Pocket (Hardee's premiums)

WHAT: The sixth series of the initial run of Monster in My Pocket toys in the early 1990s was made up of dinosaurs, but those aren't the only dinos from the "In My Pocket" line. The lesser-known four figures pictured above were released under the name Dinosaur in My Pocket exclusively as kids meal toy premiums at American fast food restaurant chain Hardee's. Here are the dinos that make up the set, along with their point values and numbers:

Tyrannosaurus Rex (number 145, point value 150)
Brontosaurus (number 146, point value 145)
Triceratops (number 147, point value 140)
Stegosaurus (number 148, point value 135)

As shown in the above photo, each dino came with a trading card featuring artwork on the front and stats on the back.

Comparison of Dinosaur in My Pocket & MIMP series 6 dinos
These figures have a few significant differences from their Monster in My Pocket series 6 dinosaur cousins. They feature unique sculpts, are made of a softer, more rubbery plastic similar to that of the first few Monster in My Pocket series (whereas series 6 dinosaurs were made of a harder plastic), and are monochromatic instead of having painted details like series 6 figures.

I had always assumed each sculpt was limited to one color (Brontosaurus--yellow, Stegosaurus--blue, Triceratops--magenta, Tyrannosaurus--green), but as discussed and shown in this thread, some variations exist, such as a green Stegosaurus and yellow Tyrannosaurus).

I remember stopping at a Hardee's as a kid while on a trip out of town with my family and getting the Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus figures, and being bummed that I couldn't get the others since they didn't have them and there was no Hardee's near where I lived. Personally, I think these are a lot cooler and truer to the MIMP spirit than the series 6 figures and am happy I have since been able to complete the set of four!

WHEN: 1993

WHERE: Offered as toy premiums in kids meals at Hardee's fast food restaurants.

WHO: Morrison Entertainment Group (MEG)