Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ghoulies keshi

Ghoulies keshi repros in neon pink and glow-yellow
WHAT: Did you know there was a rubber mini figure produced of one of the creatures from the Ghoulies movies? I had no clue until very recently, when one appeared for sale on eBay and was then discussed on the forums. The figure depicts one of the Fish Ghoulies from the films (which you can read about on the Ghoulies wiki...yes, there is actually a Ghoulies wiki). According to the seller of the figure, which was a blue color, the "incredibly hard to find 1&1/2" tall rubber keshigomu figurine from Japan was a premium figure for the classic horror movie Ghoulies that was available only through Japanese video stores." The seller was asking a pretty penny, but thankfully a fellow collector snagged it and was kind enough to let Eric Nilla cast up reproductions in multiple colors and sell them through his store for a much more affordable price. I couldn't resist this little rat-bastard, so I ordered one that arrived in a cool yellow-glow color and liked it so much that I decided to get him a buddy in neon pink. Both colors were a challenge to photograph properly, but as you can see this is an awesome little figure. Thanks to Eric and the buyer of the original for making it available to more collectors!

Two Ghoulies & a Critter
WHEN: It seems the original keshi was released around the time that one of the original Ghoulies movies came out, but I'm not sure of a specific year. Eric's reproductions became available starting in early 2013.

WHERE: According to the eBay listing for the original keshi, it was offered exclusively in Japan as a premium at video stores. As for the reproductions, at the time of writing this they can still be purchased through Eric Nilla's online store.

WHO: Original keshi--N/A; reproductions cast and sold by Eric Nilla.


  1. Lovely write up. I actually came across another Original Keshi figure in a random lot of Keshi. Same color though. A japanese collector/ Artist [NERDONE] i know has an original in a red/orange color. Very cool figure indeed.

    1. Thanks, Eric. I wonder how many colors the originals came in.