Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beastly blues

Mini figure lines in this photo: Panzer World Galient, Villgust, Diener Space Creatures, Gorewad Monsters, MUSCLE/Kinnikuman bootleg, TMNT companion figure, Necros Fortress, Diener Mythology Creatures, vending machine bootleg kaiju, Musclemania, Mini Boglins, Monster in My Pocket, Freakies, Dragons N Monsters


  1. I have serious collection envy going on here ... have you ever posted a pic of your collection? how do you have all of these figs displayed? or do you?

    1. Haha thanks! Sadly right now most of my collection has to be kept stored in boxes because of lack of space, so I only have pics of individual things or groups of things. I'm hoping to be able to work out a better system of displaying soon.

    2. I hope so... Your collection is so extensive... I love finding your posts in my feed. I just have OMFG series 1 and 2 and Some MIMP in my collection, but would Love to focus more minifigs...

    3. Appreciate it, glad you enjoy the posts! Do you mostly focus on action figures now? I used to collect a ton of those too, but the good thing about minifigs is they don't take up as much space