Saturday, January 5, 2013

O.M.F.G.: Series 2

OMFG series 2 neon green set with canister packaging ( exclusive)

About one year after the initial series of October Toys' O.M.F.G. (Outlandish Mini Figure Guys) figures began hitting toy collections, the second series has finally been unleashed. This officially brings the amount of unique sculpts available up from five to 10. I will admit that overall I wasn't as excited about this particular set as I was about series one, but now that I've got them in hand I have to say I really enjoy them! As with last time, the figures were designed, sculpted and voted on by members of the October Toys online community. The five characters this time around include:

Exclusive '312 blue' set from
- Cuddlehard (by turboPISTOLA): A cyborg-looking warrior guy whose body consists of a giant mouth (which is based on the O.M.F.G. logo). A really well-sculpted figure and a nice addition to the O.M.F.G crew.

- Grimm Gourd (by Greg Merreighn, Charles Marsh & Mike Fleming Jr.): A Jack O' Lantern fighter. The October Toys logo is a Jack O' Lantern, so I would guess that inspired this figure. I really like the detail and texture in this sculpt.

- Cry-Borg (by Andrew Scribner): A creepy-looking robot-baby. I wasn't big on this one when I first saw the design--not because the execution of it wasn't great--it was--but because a baby mini figure (even if a robot) didn't really appeal to me. I've since become a fan of it, though. Seeing it in person is what sold me.

- Shirtle (by Kenjitron & George Gaspar): A little shark-turtle guy. When I first saw him I thought the cute factor of the character might clash a bit too much with the more monstrous nature of the other characters in the line. But it's such a cool, well-sculpted figure that I'm glad it made the cut, and if the smaller, less-menacing characters could exist among the more brute monsters in the M.U.S.C.L.E. line, there's no reason it can't work in O.M.F.G, as well.

- Puke Knight (by Jared DeCosta): This was my favorite character of the set since series two was first revealed, and now that I have them in hand, that hasn't changed. It's just an awesome idea for a mini figure and an equally awesome sculpt. The puke-ghost part is actually a completely separate piece from the knight figure. I was under the impression that the puke-ghost would somehow plug into the knight figure, but it's not actually possible to connect them--you've got to stand the knight up and place the puke-ghost under his face. I was a bit bummed by this for for a few minutes at first, but it didn't take me long to get accustomed to it, and now I don't care about that. One of the best things about this figure is you can mix and match colors from different sets so that the puke-ghost is a different color than the knight.

So far I've got series two in neon green (exclusive to and "312 blue" (exclusive to Chicago designer toy store Rotofugi--sold online and in their physical store). These are two of my favorite O.M.F.G. colors. The neon green is different this time than that used for the series one exclusives, and in my opinion it's a LOT cooler-looking. It's brighter, glossier and has a very slight translucent quality to it. The Rotofugi blue looks to match exactly to the color used for their series one exclusives, which I was happy to see considering it's such a fantastic color. Here are the new blue guys together with the series one blue guys:

You can find out more about the various O.M.F.G. color sets, and where to get them, over at October Toys.


  1. Fantastic stuff, and thanks for that link - I really thought Series 2 had sold out without me managing to get any! Ordered myself an LRG Green Can set now.