Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ghostbusters companion ghost figures

What: Arguably the coolest thing about Kenner's line of line of The Real Ghostbusters toys from the mid-1980s through the early-1990s came in the form of some of the accessories released to accompany the main action figures. Included in these accessories were a number of small plastic ghost mini figures that came packaged with certain Ghost-busting heroes and larger ghost figures. Much like with with Playmates' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sidekicks companion figures, there were enough mini figures put out as part of the Ghostbusters line to allow for a sizable collection of the little ghosts.

Wrapper Ghost
Being interested in this kind of stuff pretty much since I was old enough to look down the toy aisle at the store, I can remember wanting to get Ghostbusters figures just to get these ghosts way back when they first came out, and I still think they're awesome. Many of the companion ghosts have truly fun and imaginative sculpts, and almost all of them are appropriately translucent or transparent. The pack of ghosts also sports a variety of different colors, adding to the appeal of collecting them. Some of my personal favorites include the "Wrapper Ghost," a demented-looking purple ghost with a long, curling tail, the bulky yellow "Gulper Ghost," and the "Soar Throat Ghost," a bizarre little magenta guy with bug-eyes and a long neck.

Soar Throat Ghost
In addition to all of the ghosts pictured above, there were a few others released that I don't yet have in my collection. To get more info on the companion ghosts and find out which ghosts came with which action figures, check out the comprehensive Ghostbusters toy wiki.

When: 1986-1991.

Where: Throughout the U.S. (and wherever else Kenner's Ghostbusters line might have been sold), at toy stores and department stores.

Who: Kenner


  1. Oh, happy memories! I had so many RGB toys. Where have the little ghosts all gone?

    Two of the artists for IDW's GB series have pages up on Deviantart, which include their takes on classic RGB toys:

    1. That ghost art is so cool...thanks for the links!

  2. All my RGB companion ghosts live in Sludge Bucket's mouth at the moment, a suitable home!