Thursday, June 7, 2012

Necro's Fortress, continued

Ever since I first posted about Necro's (Neclos) Fortress figures, I have officially caught the Necro's collecting bug and have been trying to track down as many more as I can (not an easy task, for reasons I mention in the last post). I only have about 300 more to go...uhhh, wish me luck? Anyway, here are photos of a few of my favorites from the latest batch I've gotten. I just can't get enough of these guys--I love everything about them: the soft plastic material, the consistently fun and cool sculpts, the fact that they change colors in warm water, and so on. Now, who has some that they'd like to send me?...Come on, charity is fun! :-P

For more Necro's photos, check out the set I created on Flickr. I will add to it as I continue to get more figures, and hopefully it can serve as a useful resource for fellow collectors.

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