Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Unidentified: Dragon Ball Z plastic figure (Yolanda)

What: Here's a nice little mono-color Dragon Ball Z figure made by a Spanish toy company called Yolanda. He's about 2", neon green and made of a light, hard, almost waxy plastic. I don't really know much about Dragon Ball Z, but through the wonders of Wikipedia I see that this character is named Master Roshi. I like the fact that he has a turtle shell on his back. Also, I'm sure he's supposed to be doing some sort of DBZ fighting move, but I can't help but think "talk to the hand." Anyway, I am filing this under "unidentified" because although I know it's a Dragon Ball Z figure from Yolanda, I don't have any information as to the specific line it is part of or how it was released. Does anyone have additional info to offer up?

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For more on Yolanda figures, once again I will direct you to some posts on the MinifiguresXD blog: Yolanda Toxic Crusaders, Yolanda pirate figure

When: N/A

Where: Spain

Who: Released by Yolanda (the figure is marked as such on its back)


  1. Describing the plastic as "waxy" is perfect. I'm not sure why it feels that way, but I totally agree that it does.

    I have some info about DBZ Yolanda figures in an email somewhere. Ill see if I can find it.

    1. Thanks, Soupie. If you find that info I'd be interested in seeing it.