Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Unidentified: Skeleton warrior fantasy playset figures

Size comparison with MUSCLE & Monster in My Pocket figures
Set of skeleton warriors (photos in this grid by irbaboon)

UPDATE: Check out a more recent, detailed Little Weirdos post on these toys here.

What: Here are some very cool plastic skeleton warriors that I recently got in a trade. When I first saw a photo of them I had no idea what they were, but I knew I wanted them because I loved the sculpts and the bright colors (plus, can you ever have enough skeletons wielding weapons in your collection?). Based on the look of the figures I had a hunch that they were somehow related to these plastic fantasy playset figures I recently posted about, and according to a member of the LittleRubberGuys.com forums with the handle irbaboon, they are indeed. He says all of these figures came from a fairly large line that was released under multiple names by various toy distribution companies in the 1990s. As far as the skeletons, there are at least six main warriors, two skeleton horses and three shaman/priest-like figures (all can be seen in the above bottom grid of photos supplied by irbaboon). Because they were released in multiple ways by multiple companies, they were sold under different names, such as "Knights and Demons," "Battle of the Ancients" and simply "Fantasy Battle." I am not sure under what name the particular figures pictured above were sold.

When: 1990s. I don't recall seeing the skeleton figures, but I picked up some of the other fantasy figures from this line in the late-'90s or very early '00s.

Where: U.S. (at least). I remember getting some of these figures at a bargain/dollar-type store called Amazing Savings.

Who: Released in various ways by various companies, including Polotoy and Schylling.


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