Thursday, April 12, 2012

Unidentified: E.T. bootleg rubber figures

Size comparison with Mini Boglin
What: For this entry we've got one of the most beloved little weirdos of all time...E.T.! There have been tons of E.T. toys produced over the years, but I had never seen these particular rubber, mono-neon color figures before. As soon as I set eyes on the little buggers I knew they had to be mine. The sculpts of these figures are the exact same as those found in LJN's line of collectible E.T. figures, but those were released in the character's tan color with painted details. Being a huge fan of mono color figures, I think they are cooler this way! The rubber is about the same consistency as that of a Mini Boglin. My personal favorite is the bright pink E.T. pictured above--the color makes for a very attractive mini figure.

When: The original LJN figures came out upon the release of the movie (1982-1983), but I'm not sure if these versions appeared at that time or later.

Where: I purchased these from a seller in Mexico. I can only assume that's where they originated.

Who: While these figures retain the "LJN Toys Ltd" marking of the original LJN figures, my guess is that they are bootlegs produced by a different company.


  1. Fantastic. Check out They've been around since 2009...focus primarily on mono-mini and premium figures from around the world. Great site!

  2. If you don't mind me asking. What MONTH & YEAR were these boot-leg E.T figures auctioned off on eBay, and how much did you pay for the ENTIRE SET ? I'm trying to now track down a full set too, that's if I can even find a full set. Is this so far the only full set that you've seen auctioned off on eBay? Please reply back? Thanks!

    1. Got them about one year ago. I think the full set was only about 10 bucks. I haven't seen any other sets on eBay, but I haven't really been actively looking for them.