Saturday, March 31, 2012

Monstruos Mutantes

Size comparison with Monster in My Pocket Vampire

What: Until recently, I wasn't aware that over the years there have been many mini figures sold exclusively in Peru (check out this blog for plenty of examples). One of these Peruvian lines is called "Monstruos Mutantes," consisting of soft plastic glow-in-the-dark monsters reminiscent of--and possibly somehow connected with--Monster in My Pocket. Apparently, these came sold with candy and consisted of 24 different sculpts, 12 that glowed in the dark ("Radioactivos," pictured above) and 12 that reacted to being put in water ("Aqua-Reactivos," which seem to have borrowed some MIMP sculpts--an example can be seen from Flickr user REDFIREDRAGO). I think these oddballs are really cool in a wacky cheap toy sort of way. Some of the sculpts are pretty weird (a one-legged cyclops monster that's either hitchhiking or giving thumbs up, for example) and the mono glow colors are quite eye-catching.

When: N/A (I'm guessing sometime in the 1990s).

Where: Peru

Who: The most I have been able to gather about where these figures came from is that they were sold as toy premiums with Winters candy. Details on them are pretty scarce, so if anybody has any additional or more accurate information, please let me know.

***Shout out to a couple of the guys over at the forums for pointing me to some basic info about these figures


  1. Another great entry! Ive been tweeting all your entries so far, haha. The color of these figs reminds me a lot of Necros Fortress. Itd be cool to see a group shot.

  2. Hey Soupie, appreciate the tweets! I hadn't thought of the similarity to Necros but you're right. I'll try to get a shot of them together.

  3. Man, love your blog!
    This Monstruos also came out in Argentina in the late nineties.

  4. Yes, this monters came out in Argentina in 1998 or 1999 (i remember because Soccer World Cup was in 1998). They came with a hexagonal-shaped chocolate. Sorry for my bad english! I love littleweirdos especially all related with monsters

    1. Thank you for the information, and your English is good!

  5. These figures are solded first in Colombia, in the year 1996 by the Ice Cream factory Cremhelado.