Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trash Bag Bunch

What: An environmentally-themed line of plastic figures with brightly painted details that included various types of monsters, robots and human/humanoid good guy fighters (called the "Disposers," who battled the evil "Trashors"). Similar to the "blind box" concept of many of today's designer toys, Trash Bag Bunch figures were packaged in small solid bags that made it impossible to tell which one you were going to get. Only after you got it home and dissolved the bag in water could you tell which character was inside. Series one consisted of 36 figures, with a super-rare series two (including some new sculpts as well as repaints) released only in Denmark and Sweden. Click here to see images of those.

When: 1991 (series one).

Where: Series one in the U.S. (at least), sold in toy stores, department stores. Series two sold in Denmark and Sweden.

Who: Produced by Galoob

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