Monday, February 27, 2012

Army Ants

Army Ants packaging card (front and back)

What: Plastic humanoid ant soldiers that came in two main colors--orange and blue--representing opposing sides in battle. Each figure had painted details as well as a removable rubber abdomen, and some came with removable accessories such as a grenade, missile or ammo.

When: 1987

Where: U.S., Italy, France (at least). The Italian version of the line was called "Kombattini" and featured different colors (see here). Sold at toy stores, department stores

Who: Produced by Hasbro


  1. Oh man, besides M.U.S.C.L.E and M.I.M.P, Army Ants were my third mini figure love of the 80s. I'd love to snag a full set of them some day. So awesome!

    1. Yeah! There are also different colored ones released in Europe that I'd like to get a hold of. I think they're called Kombattini or something like that.