Friday, September 11, 2015

Ultraman kaiju minis from Mexico

I recently acquired this really fun set of vibrantly-colored kaiju minis, and it's still a bit of a mystery to me. Here's what I DO know about them:
  • They're from Mexico
  • They're all kaiju from Ultraman. I am not a kaiju expert and sometimes have trouble telling some of them apart, but from what I was able to tell while doing research, the characters are as follows:  TOP ROW, left to right: Red King, Gomora, Bemular, BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Gomess, Alien Baltan, Gudon. Can any of you kaiju experts out there confirm whether I got that right?
  • Their tails (and Baltan's arms) are removable, so you can pop them off and plug them back in. 
  • These six make up a full set (90% sure as I've never seen photos of any others anywhere).
  • They're about 1.75 inches tall on average.
  • For some reason, some of them are made out of hard plastic while others are made from soft rubber. With the rubbery ones, it's a bit hard to plug the tails in so they stay in place.
Here's what I don't know about them yet and would like to find out:
  • What year did they come out?
  • Was the set released under any particular name?
  • How were they sold? My best guess is snack food premiums, but that's only a guess.
  • Are they bootlegs of Japanese figures or original sculpts?
  • How many different colors were made? You can see additional colors of the same sculpts in this image from Flickr user Monochromatics Figures.
Do any of you guys have any of these, or can you help answer any of these questions or shed more light on their origins?


  1. I think I have some in yellow somewhere. I'll look!

  2. That 5th kaiju isnt loos like Earthron (Asutron) from Return of Ultraman

  3. The one with the triangular crest is Gomora.

  4. I have tons of these figures. I got mine from a guy in Ontario, Canada though.

    1. Awesome. I wonder where they actually originated then.